OSX Mountain Lion (and now Mavericks) & Juniper VPN


Last Updated on July 25, 2012 by GrahamWalsh

– Just an update to this blog post, with Mavericks, the VPN does not launch in the latest edition of Safari.  I have using the GA version Mozilla to successfully connect using Network Connect Java app.


Just upgraded my MBA to the latest release and found that I was unable to sign into a Juniper VPN session.  I usually use Chrome to connect as it automatically launches Network Connect.  However, with Mountain Lion Chrome said it was missing a plug in.  When you choose install plugin, the Java site says Apple distribute their own version.  Apple then say all software updates are now in the App Store.

Simple way to get the latest Java is to open the VPN link in Safari and it will say plugin missing.  Just click on the missing plugin and it will do a software update and install the latest version (not via the App Store).



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