Polycom – Microsoft CX Handsets Setup Notes


Last Updated on August 25, 2010 by GrahamWalsh

The Polycom CX IP handsets gets all its info (NTP server parameters, where to downloading root CA certificate, what is OCS IP address, … ) via the DHCP configuration.

By experience, all the issues I have seen with that phone were related to mis-configuration in DHCP

The pre-requisites for the phones to work would be:


  • OCS installed and configured
  • DHCP configured for : IP, Mask, Gateway, DNS
  • DNS configured with 2 SRV location records:
    • One SRV record for OCS server IP discovery
    • One SRV record for NTP server IP discovery
  • Root CA certificate should be in Active Directory
  • Auto-Enrollment should be configured in the Domain Controller for automatic Root CA certificate download


Thanks to Brahim Ait Oumeri – one of Polycom’s UCC Solutions Architects for providing the information.


A useful tool to check you DHCP/DNS setup can be found here – http://www.insideocs.com/Tools/MOCLogin.htm



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