Syncing multiple Google calendars on the iPad


Last Updated on June 18, 2010 by GrahamWalsh

– With my first taste of using Apple products and the iPad, I wanted to setup my Google account for mail, calendar and contacts. However, I also wanted my wife’s calendar on there. It seems that the Google sync isn’t yet ready for the iPad so after a quick search around I found a couple of options. The first site I came across was this one which was a great resource and guide. However, the first step is to actually setup the Google on the iPad using the Microsoft Exchange option. That seemed odd to me but it works.

  • Step One – Setup Google to sync using the Microsoft Exchange option – details here on Google’s site.
  • Step Two – Follow Kevin’s guide here.

That’s it, Google Sync all setup to sync multiple calendars. There is another way with this method, but you can’t sync certain calendars such as the UK Public Holidays as an example.

Others have mentioned that you need to put the language extension in the URL such as and it works.

The first of I’m sure many iPad ramblings.

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