Skype for Business & Video Interoperability


Last Updated on May 6, 2016 by GrahamWalsh

Now that many users have Skype for Business deployed for instant messaging and collaboration for content sharing, more and more are now using the voice and video functionality.  However, there is one small stumbling block with video calling the millions of video conferencing rooms.  They are difference standards. Think of it like petrol and diesel.  They don’t mix. However, if you have petrol & electricity, then you have a hybrid all working together.


So think of Pexip as that engine to bring together two difference technologies and make it all work under the same car, anyone who drives it, just gets in and drives, they don’t think about it, just get on a do it.  Well that should be the same with using Skype for Business and all those conference rooms.  You just want to book people and resources in your Outlook invite and not have to think any more.


IT don’t want to support 10,000 plug-ins that then break when someone else has a great idea of upgrading Office to the latest release without checking what plug-ins are installed.  So any technology has to be transparent to the end user.


Well that is what Pexip can do, just be the there in the background making it seamless to the end users but making their life so much easier, just schedule people and resources.


Check out the video below showing how easy video interop should be.


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