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Microsoft have now announced what new features are coming to Teams Panel with Update 3. Since launch over a year ago, the Teams panel keeps getting updates around every quarter and the Microsoft product team are adding features into the product based on customer feedback. So, let’s get into what’s new.

All these features relate to public roadmap items ID 88047 and 88643. This information is published in the Office 365 Message Center under MC395602

  • Check out to release room early
  • Extend room reservation
  • Disable panel reservation Admin setting
  • Pull down to refresh calendar
  • Room at capacity banner UX update

Check out to release room early

This has been a big request from users, because if you book a room from 10-11am but finish early, there was no way to release the room, unless you had room resource mailbox access (who most users won’t have). Now we will be able to click on the scheduled meeting outside the room and click Manage and you will be able to Check Out. This will be a useful feature for many, I’m sure.

Check out early button

Extend room reservation

The ability to extend your room reservation is also coming and will be available under the Manage button on the home screen of the panel. Users will be able to extend their reservation by blocks of 15 minutes until the next booked time of that meeting space.

If the room was reserved with a walk-up reservation, it will maintain the same meeting title. If the meeting was reserved via Microsoft Teams/Outlook, then the extended meeting will have a new meeting created in the calendar with the same meeting title but will be prefixed with [Extended]. Note that this will also create a new Microsoft Teams meeting link, so uses should ignore that new meeting invite.

To enable this feature (as it is disabled by default), admins will have to use the Teams panel interface to do this. It is not yet available in TAC as a configuration profile option.

Disable panel reservation Admin setting

Admins now can disable walk up reservations on Teams panels. This can be useful for areas/rooms that must be booked and not available for ad-hoc bookings.

Again, this feature must be setup on the panel and not yet in Teams Admin Center.

Pull down to refresh calendar

This is a handy feature to pull down the latest calendar update for the room. It is already on the center of room console with MTR devices based on Android, so this will be great consistency between the devices.

Refresh calendar by pulling down

Room at capacity banner UX update

This will be available for devices that are capable to people count and using the room capacity setup in the resource mailbox. The banner above the calendar to notify users has been redesigned.

Room Capacity Notifications

And that is Update 3 for Teams panels. Rolling out across tenants and OEMs over July/August 2022.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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