Using Microsoft Stream and Pexip Infinity


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If you are looking for an enterprise streaming platform and are a user of Microsoft Office 365, you may well know Microsoft Stream, so it is private rather than public like YouTube or Facebook Live streaming. An overview of Microsoft Stream is detailed here.

Microsoft Stream is based on Azure Media Services, which is also similar to Microsoft Teams Live Events as that sends the data back into Microsoft Stream as well. I have detailed here how to use a VTC with Pexip Infinity Gateway to a Teams Live Event. Many years ago, my colleague Marius detailed how to use Pexip with Azure Media Services here. So that got me thinking when another colleague asked could we use Stream and Pexip as when I tested it recently, it just dropped the connection.

So the question is why this post? Well if you have a VTC or MTR and you want to use that to present to the audience as it will have a better camera and mic than your laptop, so this is where Pexip Interop can come to the rescue.

Setting up a Stream

So what you need to do, just log into your Stream account and select Create > Live Event

Creating a new Live Event in Stream

Now just set up the basic requirements of the Live event on the right-hand side panel and then any permissions and option. Then click on Publish Event

Configuring a Microsoft Stream Live Event
Publishing an Event.

Now we can grab the details needed to start the Stream and grab the RTMP link required for Pexip integration. Just see steps 1—4 below.

Microsoft Stream Setup

Connecting via the Pexip Infinity Gateway

Now we can log into a Pexip WebRTC session to control the meeting. Once in my Virtual Meeting Room, I can dial out to a participant, in this case, the RTMP link from step four above. See the video below on this. The key is to add /anyname to the end of the RTMP you copied in step four above once you’ve pasted it into Pexip.

Setting up the Pexip Infinity Gateway

Now back in Stream, we can see we have a VTC and an MTR in a call and it’s in the preview window. We can now select Start event and it will become live.

Preparing the Live Stream

Now when the event is started you will see a preview and the event is streamed to everyone.

Live Stream with audience preview

And that is it, using non-PC/laptop-based devices to present and participate in a Live Stream. And when using a VTC, it can also share content into the Stream, so someone sharing a PowerPoint or Excel or CAD drawing, etc into a Stream.

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