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Here’s a post and video on what is new in Microsoft Teams Room version software for Windows.

The official release notes are here on what is new in this release. In summary, we have the following

  • Room remote allows users to control basic functionality of the room using Teams on their mobile *
  • Logitech scribe content camera support for BLE button for sharing into meeting
  • Chat bubbles provide notifications for in meeting chat to bring attention to what’s being said using meeting chat *
  • Large gallery and Together mode support is now available in GCC High
  • New Skills added to Cortana, Add person by name to the meeting and Call by name
  • Cortana Push to Talk is enabled by default on all devices. To learn more see Cortana voice assistance in Teams

Items with a * at the end indicate that feature is server side and will roll out to devices that are still running version The other requirement to run version is that you must be on Windows 19H2 or higher. The current supported Operating System is 20H2.

Another thing to note, is that Microsoft typically support current release -2 versions, so that would be and version Anything below this and you might struggle to get support.

New Centre of Room Console layout

The new Centre of room layout aligns more with the desktop client, so it is easier to navigate, especially with large meetings.

New Centre of Room Console

Room Remote

This is the new way to remotely control a Microsoft Teams Rooms. Just open your app on your mobile/cell or table, tap the room user and select Remote Control. This uses Bluetooth Proximity Join to pair, so you can only control the device in your room. This can be disabled on the Centre of Room Console per meeting, using the … menu button during a call.

Room Control

Chat Bubbles

This now shows users in the room any messages that are shared in the chat of a meeting. Again, this can be disabled per meeting on the Centre of Room console.

Chat Bubbles on front of room display


This is the new push to talk feature, to have Cortana add people to your call, end your meeting, or when idle, call someone. Cortana is enabled on tenants by default, so if you want to remove it, you will need to create a policy. I’ll cover that in a separate blog.

Cortana on the home page

Video overview

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