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Cloud Video Interop for Trio with Microsoft Teams and Pexip


Last Updated on June 17, 2019 by GrahamWalsh

The situation is that you have a few, maybe hundreds of Poly Trio conference phones and you are moving to Microsoft Teams. You might be running them in Skype for Business mode today on Line 1. So what do you do when moving to Microsoft Teams? Well you can use Cloud Video Interop for Trio. This is the certified way of doing it.

If you are going to be in a migration phase, you can leave Line 1 of the Trio registered to your Skype for Business server or Online (as this is mandatory) and then have Line 2 registered to Pexip Infinity or Cloud Service (or from Poly or BlueJeans). In this case with Pexip, this would be a standard SIP registration. It means users can use both meetings at the same time and carry on as normal. They may not even know they are using Cloud Video Interop for Trio.

Why not use the native Teams client in Poly 5.9 software? Sure, you can run the Trio in Teams mode, but that is for voice only. If you have the Visual+ add-on so it does video, then read on for how to use it with CVI.

So what needs to happen? Well a simple config file as seen below is all you need. In this case it is Line 2 and you may already have the Exchange configuration in place.

Trio Config File

<!-- Created by Graham Walsh 17-05-2019 16:35 -->
<!-- poly Trio Line 2 Config for Cloud Video Interop for Microsoft Teams -->
<!-- Replace with the correct IVR -->
<!-- Replace with the correct domain of your Teams Domain for the Digit Map -->
<!-- Replace YourWebServer with the correct location for the Icons and wallpaper -->
<!-- Replace Your_SIP_URI with the correct URI details. This must be lowercase and no UPPER CASE characters -->
<!-- Replace _Username_ below with your Username -->
<!-- Replace _Password_ below with your Password -->
<!-- Replace YourServer with the correct server to register against -->
		reg.2.displayName="Teams Trio"
		reg.2.label="Teams Meeting"

Once the config file is populated, browse to the web interface of your Trio and navigate to Utilities > Import & Export Configuration and browse for your .cfg file and then Import.

Poly Trio Web Interface
Trio Web Interface

Once Imported, your Trio should be registered. The icon will show if you are running 5.8 or higher. If the icon has a red x in the bottom right corner, then it isn’t registered. In the below example, the Trio Line 1 is registered for Teams Interop.

Poly Trio Registered and no errors
Trio Registered to Pexip

Testing out the Cloud VIdeo Interop for Trio

Next we need to send the Trio a meeting invite so it can read the calendar. To do this, we just create a Microsoft Teams meeting from either the Teams client or from Outlook. Below is one from Outlook on the Web.

New Microsoft Outlook Calendar Invite
Outlook Invite with Teams Meeting

Once the Trio receives the invite, it will parse the body and look for Once it scrapes that, it will then show on the home screen a Join button for the Teams meeting. Just click Join and it will join the Teams Meeting.

Poly Trio with Join button
Trio with Join button

This is what the standard native Teams invite looks like.

Outlook Invite with Teams Cloud Video Interop
Outlook Invite with Teams instructions

Once you’ve tapped the Join button, the Trio will dial the URI of the Teams meeting. Thanks to Jeff Schertz for making it one less click as previously you had to confirm you wanted to dial a SIP URI. He provided me with the call.teluri.showPrompt=”0″ flag.

Poly Trio in a Teams call

And that is it. The Poly Trio registered to Pexip Cloud Service or Infinity and joining Microsoft Teams meeting via certified Cloud Video Interop.

There is another blog post about how to use the Trio with the Pexip Cloud Service here.

To create an alias on Pexip Infinity, there is an overview below and use those credentials in the config file above.

Creating a device alias
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