Crestron TSS 10" Teams Scheduling Panel

Crestron Microsoft Teams Panel for Scheduling – Are the lights on?


Last Updated on June 28, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

Are the lights on for your Microsoft Teams Scheduling panel? One thing that you might have to do during setup is enable POEPLUS on the Crestron TSS panels. This can depend on what your POE switch is delivering to the panel. You can browse to the web interface of the touch panel and see what is says about the USB Accessory. As you can see below, the panel isn’t seeing the lightbar.

USB Accessory not connected

To fix this, we can simply SSH into the panel’s IP Address such as admin@ and enter the password. You can then type in the below command of POEPLUS ON and then reboot the device.

ssh admin@
poeplus on

If you just type poeplus, it will tell you if it’s on or off as per the below.

SSH into the Teams Panel

Now the device has rebooted, you will see the lightbar online now, but if you are remote, you can browse to the web interface and see that it is on.

Lightbar accessory connected

If the device isn’t showing the lightbar, then you can also run the command, “usbpower on” and then reboot. Someone might have been playing around with the settings and it could have been switched off.

Another question I get asked is how should I conenct the lightbar to the USB connector. Well simply ensure it’s the same as mine below.

Light Bar Connectivity

Any comments, let me know below.

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