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With Crestron XIO Cloud, you can use a Azure Identity, or you can use your own Okta sign in. However, you may want to use your own Azure AD sign-in credentials. Let me show you how this can be set up. It will need a ticket opened with the Crestron support team to enable your tenant and create a subdomain for you. Crestron has now got a simple form online where you can submit your request here.

Prior to setting this up, you need to have an operational login and subscription to XIO cloud.

My Example of a custom Crestron XIO Cloud

  • Default Crestron XIO URL:
  • My Custom Domain Name:
  • My custom XIO domain: (Most of the time you will use your domain/company name as the prefix such as

Step One – Create an App Registration

We now need to create an app registration and provide those details to Crestron Support. In the Azure home page, you can search for it or click on it.

Azure Portal Home Page

Now select New Registration and give it a name (it can be renamed later).

App Registrations > New registration

Once you have given it name, choose which support account types. The Redirect URI will be provided by Crestron support. Then click register. You will probably create App registration without the redirect URI as that may be supplied after you have setup the app registration. Then click on Register.

App registration creation

Once created, you will see the Application (client) ID along with your Directory (tenant) ID, which you will need to supply to Crestron support.

App registration created successfully

Step Two – Create a client secret

Now we need to navigate to the Certificates and secrets and select New client secret.

Adding a Client Secret

Now give the secret a name and select how long you want it valid for and click Add.

Client Secret Options

Now you need to copy this and again this will be supplied to Crestron Support. If you want, you may want to do this over the phone or encrypt this info when submitting this info.

Client Secret Key

In summary, we should have three items to provide Crestron with:

  • Desired name
  • Application Client ID
  • Client Secret

Step Three – Create an XIO User

Once it has all been setup, you will now need to head into your XIO account and sign in with your default, so it could be and go to your Users tab. Now we need to create a new user using the External Domain option.

Crestron XIO New User

Step Four – Test it out

Once all that is done, we can now test out our new domain and authentication. Navigate to your custom domain and you’ll be presented with the default screen. Once you click on Sign In, you will then be redirected to your Azure AD and will then be signed in based upon the permissions set above.

Custom XIO Logging In

That’s all for now, any questions let me know.

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