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Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

Microsoft just released the new version of the MTR software, version The release notes are available here. Below are screenshots of the new config options plus a video of the new start-up process.

Key Features in the release:

  • Modern authentication support for Exchange and Skype for Business
  • Support for dynamic emergency calling for Teams (Service components required and released using Teams client rings)
  • Ability to disable duplicate content out of meeting for dual displays rooms using XML
  • Application splash screen
  • Auto-answer setting to improve proximity-based meeting join experience
  • Open Source Software (OSS) notices in device settings

Here is a video of the new start up splash screen on release

And now for each screenshot of the setup pages

About Page
About Screen
Account Page
Settings Page with new Modern Authentication option

To enable Modern Authentication for Exchange, there is a guide here. To enable Skype for Business for modern auth, there is a guide here and for Skype for Business Online here.

Advanced Page
Advanced Page – no changes here
Meetings Page
Meeting Page – New option of dropping the MTR off the call if no one else is there
Devices Page
Devices Page – Improvements to Auto Accept Proximity Calls
Peripherals Page
Peripherals Page – No changes here
Select a theme Page
Theming Pages – No Changes here

Configurations within the XML

Some of the settings are only available via uploading an XML to the system and rebooting the device. This includes custom wallpapers and also the new feature in this release of disabling the local content on both screens when not in a call. Here is the line in the XML config. When set to false, it means the content will only show on one of the screens if you have a dual-screen setup.


Once you have written the XML file, you transfer it to the MTR system to the folder below and reboot. It will then load those settings.


You can download a sample of the xml here.

Feel free drop any comments below or drop me a message.

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