Federation in Microsoft Teams


Last Updated on September 6, 2018 by GrahamWalsh

So now that federation is rolling out to Teams users, I thought I would test between two tenants I have, especially since Randy Chapman mentioned is now working here.

Caller A
User Account on AD 2016 with Azure AD Connect
Skype for Business Server 2015
Exchange Online
Coexistence mode: Islands

Caller B
Office 365 Account – Teams, Skype and Exchange
Teams User in O365
Coexistence mode: Islands

Scenario 1
IM from Caller B hits SfB Client of Caller A
Voice/Video from Caller B hits Teams client on the iOS client of Caller A

Scenario 2
IM from caller A to caller B – Missed message ends up in Outlook mail
Voice/Video call from A to B – Call Failed

As you can see below, when I search for the user, there is no presence.

But when I start a conversation and the user is in Teams and online, it then shows the presence.

Now when I send that message, from SfB, it does nothing, it ends up in Outlook.

So, as you can see it is sort of working, there is some way to go still.  Maybe this is because of how I have coexistence mode or the Ring I am, but it’s getting there.

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