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Last Updated on July 9, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

Hello Zoom, a new way of working. Voice control for your meeting room. In the past, Zoom supported voice control when you used an iPad as the room controller, and they also enabled Alexa for Business as voice control for the room. In the latest release of software, you can now use it on any device (apart from ARM based Macs). You just need to enable voice control for your room and away you go. You have a list of commands available as per below.

To setup voice control for your Zoom Rooms, there is a guide here.

Zoom Room Settings for Voice Control
Zoom Room Settings

Commands available today:

  • Check-in ✅
  • Check-out ✅
  • Start a scheduled meeting ✅
  • Start an instant meeting ✅
  • Join a meeting ID ✅
  • Enter meeting passcodes ✅
  • Leave a meeting ✅
  • End a meeting ✅

Check out my video below of this working with joining a Microsoft Teams meeting using Guest Join Access.

Hello Zoom image
Hello Zoom appears in the bottom right corner of the front of room display

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