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How to show the Conference Room Phone Number on an MTR


Last Updated on April 20, 2021 by GrahamWalsh

If you are using a single device in your meeting room for voice and video, some people would like to give out the conference room phone number so users can dial into the meeting room. Yes there are still use cases. They are a few ways to show the room phone number. The first could be like above, you put a sticker above the system. That will get lost at some point. You could also have a card in the room with some other details so it could be included on that. Another way would be to display it on the MTR console itself, on the home page.

So, once you have assigned a number to the MTR Room (see my previous post here) you can then head over to Active Directory or the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and put the number in the Office Phone as per below. Simply log into your Microsoft 365 Admin Portal and find the MTR Room Account.

Meeting Room Account

Now you need to select Manage contact information under Phone number and then input the number in the Office phone field. Make sure you include the country code and then click Save. Also ensure there are no spaces in the number, so for example, +441234123456.

Setting the Phone Number

You can also update the phone number via the Azure AD Portal as per below

Office Phone Number in Azure AD

This will now take some time to replicate across Microsoft 365, so it won’t be instantly shown on the MTR console. However, once it is done, it is shown below under the Time and Room Name. I’ve blurred it out in this image.

MTR Console with Phone Number

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