Migrating Surface Type Cover from v3 to v4


Last Updated on November 12, 2015 by GrahamWalsh

So I’ve had my US type cover for about a year now and used the Windows Key + Space to toggle keyboard layouts so I could get the £ and \ signs, slight pain but so be it.

When Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 4 and new Type Cover being upgraded, I was very keen to see it as it was backward compatible with my Surface Pro 3.  I had the chance to test it out at Future Decoded in London.  Once home, I decided to finally get a UK version albeit in in another colour (dark blue) as they do not do the purple one any more.  I would have gone for Cyan but that was not in stock, why would I want to wait 🙂

Anyway, unboxed it (sorry no video) and snapped it one. Nothing, nada, no input.  Rebooted and still nothing.  I checked the Device Manager and it just lists a Surface Type Keyboard, so I headed into Settings > Devices > Connected Devices and clicked on the Surface Cover and removed it.  I then detached the cover and snapped it back on and hey presto, installed itself again and working.

I am now typing this post on the new cover. It has taken about twice as long as I keep making typos as I get used to the new layout.

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