MTDAMA Episode Eight – Tuesday 17th November 2020


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Main topic for this episode will be a look at complex rooms with Microsoft Teams Rooms. We’ll have Sennheiser join us and talk about how they can deliver technology into these large/complex rooms.

Questions during Episode Eight

Q. Can the Crestron Microsoft Teams Scheduling Panels be managed by Crestron XIO as well?
A. Yes they will be able to

Q. Where is the Microsoft Teams Room Roadmap?
A. Short URL is

Q. How do you add location information to your Exchange Resource Account?
A. You can use Set-Place – Finding Meeting Rooms and Spaces in Outlook

Q. How to I join the Microsoft TAP Programme

Q. Do we know how these Teams Panels will be powered and connected to the network?
A. Crestron will be POE or inline power. Do not know about Yealink.

Q. Any news on multi-camera support for the MTRs?
A. No details on the public roadmap for this. However IP Camera support is scheduled for March 2021.

Q. Will there be a license option just for a Teams Display if there is no MTR inside the room/space?
A. No idea on this at present, but it just signs into the Exchange Resource Mailbox, which is free. This is how Crestron scheduling panels operate today, talking to Exchange/M365.

Q. What is the difference between PoE and PoE+
A. PoE+ provides more power on the wire. Usually used for larger devices or a device with accessories so it can power both. It can usually be configured at the switch port level.

Q. Is there a release date for the Crestron CX100 custom room with BYOD?
A. We’re not here to answer specific Crestron questions, but you can guess in Q1 2021 🙂

Q. Where is Gary Evans’s blog on what Microsoft Teams Device certification means?

Q. Is there a certified facial tracking camera for larger rooms?
A. There is one available from Poly that is certified – details here.

Q. What is the date for the QSC and Sennheiser Webinar?
A. Both are on 3rd December 2020, session one is here and session two here

Q. We are seeing issues with the keyboard not popping up on the Center of Room console, what could it be?
A. Ensure that no other keyboard is plugged into the MTR.

Q. Is there any combination of speaker and mic that do not require a DSP?
A. There are a number of certified microphone/speaker combo bars that have announced and will be released soon. The Bose VB1 is one Charlie has been testing with and it sounds great and looks good. Long term vision is to get rid of the DSP entirely as the compute gets more powerful, but none of them are certified.

Q. How can we find and understand the MTR logs better?
A. Luke Kannel from Logitech was on the show previously and provided some great content on troubleshooting. See Episode Four below.

Q. How can we stop sending content as soon as something is connected or a 3rd party wireless sharing solution?
A. Microsoft mentioned last month that they are looking into this. Crestron has the AirMedia AM-200 available today that addresses this.

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