MTDAMA Episode Fifteen – Monday 14th June 2021


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A great session this month with a focus on audio. Below are the slides from the session

Questions from Episode Fifteen

Q. Where are the training videos for Microsoft Teams Rooms?
A. They are available here

Q. Where are the Microsoft Teams Room on Android (MTRoA) Troubleshooting docs located?
A. They are available here in Sway

Q. Is there an overview of released MTRoA versions for the different vendors?
A. Nothing public yet from Microsoft, have a look on Graham’s blog for roadmap info which shows features coming.

Q. On android devices, will it be possible to launch whiteboard without being in a call?
A. No, not today. This is only possible with the MTRoA in Personal Mode as the drawing must be saved to an identity.

Q. How do we implement QOS on MTRoA? is it the TAC settings?
A. The MTRoA devices will pick the settings up from what has been set in Teams Admin Center (TAC).

Q. With the new developments/layout would you recommend single display rooms or dual displays?
A. Many of the new layouts have come to single displays first because that is most systems in the field currently, but you will see many new layouts for dual display soon as well

Q. Where is the list of certified MTRoA devices?
A. Full list here of all devices Devices for Teams – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Q. Will we see an audio test on the Teams Rooms, so it can measure the acoustic in the Room?
A. I don’t think you will…but i wouldn’t be surprised to see things become easier…. the biamp guys after Harald will speak a little about that.

Q. If you want something cool for your home office, you can search YouTube for how to make audio panels out of old towels for your wall….🙂
A. Jimmy, you should have told me that before I bought all the acoustic panels for my home office 😉

Q. Anyone have a vendor/manufacturer recommendation for sound panels in my home office? Bonus if I can buy it off Amazon.
A. I am pretty happy with mine. Peel and stick. Pick your colors and quantities.
A. DIY broadband absorbers — Jochen Schulz
A. No need to buy expensive material. Audio does not care. Rockwool from the next contructions site is good enough
A. The Best (And Only) Insulation Material You Need For DIY Acoustic Absorbers — Acoustics Insider

Q. We are currently dismantling our Skype for Business Hybrid environment, and following method 2 mentioned here: To set the onpremlineuri, we use set-csuser for user objects. we noticed that for the set-csmeetingroom cmdlet, the onpremlinuri parameter is missing. The article also does not discuss MTR account specific things.
A. If you are going Teams-native with MTR, you do not need to run set-csmeetingroom. That is a Skype-only command.

Q. We would like to create a CQD PowerBI dashboard specifically for MTR resource accounts. What dimensions should we ideally use for the dashboard? how do other companies do it? Do we need to use CSVs to import the resource accounts data on a monthly base?
A. As far as a CQD for MTR’s, I think if you look into premium service, you will see some value there. I believe they have plans for advanced reporting features like this…. the good news is you can try it for free and see if there is value there
A2. We just spun up a POC with Vyopta for Teams CQD—so far good

Q. Where can I find the biamp room designer?
A. Here’s the link

Q. What biamp devices are certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms?
A. See here

Q. Any examples of the Biamp Launch Report Card?
A. See below.

Biamp Launch Card – Page One
Biamp Report Card – Page 2

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