MTDAMA Episode Five – Tuesday 18th August 2020


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Episode Five was a great session, lots of enjoyable conversation around managing MTRs with the Teams Admin Center and a quick look at MTR Premium management. Again, kudos to Phil for joining from Australia. Slides below as well as some Q&A.

Q&A from Episode Five

  1. How to disable Teams Admin Center via XML Config?
    • <DisableTacCommunication> and set True.
  2. Do you have any insight to improves in RBAC that might be in the pipeline
    • We understand Microsoft are working on this feature. Customers can consent Partners to do this today, but RBAC roles are coming to Teams Admin Center later this year.
  3. Is the ability to apply windows updates/peripheral updates via the TAC something that’s on the roadmap?
    • No Comment 🙂
  4. Is there a communication standard being considered for that health and status monitoring of peripherals?
    • All communications is done over USB, so no standard per-sa
  5. Do you know if MTR Premium is available for GCC customers?
    • Not for GCC High, not sure for GCC low.
  6. Using the Microsoft portals admin.* can be slow when used via a proxy. Seen good results with Edge/Credge
    • I’m a Microsoft Employee, I use a Mac as my personal computer, I’ve installed the new Edge Chromium and made that my default browser on my Mac, because it is that “good”
  7. I am piloting the ThinkSmart View and it showed up in my TAC as an IP Phone device.
    • That’s correct, they will show up as a “phone” right now
  8. How do you content share with those devices (Teams Personal Devices)? Do they connect to your PC somehow?
    • You need external joined device for sharing. New features coming as previewed in the teaser video.
  9. Does the Mercury Mini still use the same backplate with the PC, etc. as the larger ones? unclear from the website/docs.
    • Yes it does when it is sold as a Microsoft Teams Room. The Audio Only version is just the MM30.
  10. I have been attempting to test Coordinated Meetings with MTR + Hub but I did run into an issue with my Hub not joining. Seems to be related to my hub being in Public Preview win10Teams OS. Rebuilding my hub2s right now.
  11. To confirm these settings are from update?
    • Yes, coordinated meetings is from rolling out in the Microsoft Store now
  12. Do you recommend placing NUC (Tap unit) under conference room table rather than behind Front of Room Display to make Proximity Join work better?
    • We recommend placing the NUC in a location where users won’t “tinker” with it.
  13. Laptop sitting right next to the device I see the problem – thanks, will test with external dongle
    • I have tried an external USB dongle and used a 15ft extension cable so the Bluetooth is under the table rather behind the screen. Not all BT adapters are the same. It might be trial and error.

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