MTDAMA Episode Six – Tuesday 15th September 2020


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Another great session, this time with Phil Clapham providing us an overview of the Teams Personal Devices and Sid Roy from the Microsoft MTR Premium (MTRP) team providing an overview and demo of the service.

Some Q and A from the session

Q. Regarding the Teams Personal Devices, does it support a wireless or usb keyboard?
A. Bluetooth keyboard does work, but the On Screen Keyboard still appears

Q. Does the ThinkSmart View (TSV) have a USB Port?
A. It does not have a USB port (USB C for resetting or flashing device). Only option is Power Port

Q. If a Teams Personal Device is in a huddle room, would it support allowing for a Common Area Phone experience? To get my files, I need to sign in.
A. The hot desk support is really cool

Q. Re MTRP, Can I ask technically how is this setting up Rings?
A. The rings are defined in the service, you assign a room to the one you want. It is under the Updates section then the Rings tab.

Q. What’s the price difference between standard device account and MTR premium account per device?
A. MTR license is $15 and the MTRP is $50 but that includes the MTR license, so really MTRP is $35 per room, per month

Q. Is this service designed to be on top of AzureAD/MDM management or replacement?
A. It is designed to be on top/optional

Q. When can we expect to see the self-service version? Will there be any capability to manage Crestron peripherals (touchpanel, etc.)?
A. No, there won’t be a self-service version. However, MTRP is working with partners such as Whitlock and NTT to offer out the APIs so it can be blended into their offerings too. More to come on this in the next few months.

Q. Can it push down device firmware?
A. MTR Premium is able to push firmware updates to certified peripherals like Logitech Rally

Q. What level of access to the organization tenant is required for a partner to provide this managed service?
A. None as the partner does not log into the tenant. They log into MTRP. There is also a new Teams Admin Devices role that can be setup via Azure AD.

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