MTDAMA Episode Ten – Monday 18th January 2021


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Another great session with lots of discussion. Full recap of presentation and Q&A below.

Questions during Episode Ten

Q. What is the use case for the Dell Microsoft Teams Monitors?
A. Either person use or huddle spaces for BYOD could be the use case

Q. Price point for the Dell monitors?
A. Dell is launching a 24-inch (FHD) version for $519.99, a 27-inch (QHD) model for $719.99, and a curved 34-inch (WQHD) variant for $1,149.99. All three will launch on February 16th

Q. Lars demonstrated the new Rally Bar devices and auto framing was good. Feedback on another vendor – We enabled the auto framing/speaker tracking feature on some Yealink equipment and the feedback from users has been “too distracting” because it moves so frequently. This looks to be a bit smoother. Hoping Yealink makes some updates soon.
A. It was confirmed that Yealink are working on an update. Yealink are aware of the ‘fast panning’ of the cameras, hopefully they will resolve soon.

Q. Will the AI camera of the Rally bar be supported for the room capacity feature for MTR/Teams panels? I know that MS requires specific required cameras for that function. I know for now this AI is being used for the sync Insights portal feature.

Q. Does it auto switch from Android to USB when connected to USB? i.e. does it pair with Logitech Swytch for BYOD single USB cable functionality for local monitor presentation and peripheral control from BYOD device?
A1. There is an auto switch countdown when USB is plugged in. I think it’s 5 seconds.
A2. Yes, Swytch does work with Rally Bar/Mini which provides single cable BYOD.

Q. What’s the additional value of the Logitech roommate vs the Intel NUC or Lenovo tiny pc?
A. Longer discussion, but it provides the MTRoA management experience across many AV peripherals

Q. Does Logitech Swytch also work with MTR on Android? When is HDMI ingest for wired screensharing is supported?
A. Yes Swytch works with Rally Mar (MTRoA). As I understand it, work is being done to suppress errors in MTR-P so that when BYOD mode is used with Swytch, errors are suppressed.

Q. Mounting the Rally Bar? Above or below the screen?
A. The same TV mount allows for mounting above and below display

Q. What size room can the Nuvera cover?
A1. Spec shows up to 7.6m x 7.6m
A2. 28*18 is the room size for 1. If you link them together you can get a much larger room.

Q. Is there a demo of this new speaker/mic from Nuvera?
A. See here.

Q. What colours are they available in?
A. Black or white

Q. Where is the new MTR Security document hosted?
A. View it here.

Q. It would be cool to have MTR being able to start MS whiteboard.
A. This is scheduled for some time this year

Q. My org. is setting up our first Crestron UC160-T. Are you aware of any documentation for the configuration of the Crestron specific settings, touch display/portal security settings?
A. Check out this doc here.

Q. We are looking for a way to push settings to MTRoW devices, what’s the best way?
A1. Windows Configuration Designer – would be a good use case for that.
A2. Had good results using WCD to deploy devices with names, etc. incidentally

Q. With SfB online support ending July 2021, is Microsoft working now to prevent the sign in issue when companies use Teams only and don’t enable SfB online?
A. I understand Microsoft are working on a Teams only mode for MTRoW.

Q. When will Surface Hub be available in the TAC for management similar to MTRs and Teams Displays?
A, Surface Hub for TAC is due later this year.

Q. Any Windows Config Designer templates for the MTR?
A. Not aware of any, but the Surface Hub one is here.

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