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Last Updated on September 13, 2012 by GrahamWalsh

– Well all the leaks proved to be right in many ways.  Was I expecting anything else? No not really.  In summary, no WOW factor.  Will I get one, probably.


  • Slimmer design
  • HD Front camera – great for facetime over 3G and Wifi plus with the shift for BYOD in the workplace with apps such as the Polycom RealPresence Mobile.
  • Lightening connector – great idea that it can be plugged in any way.  A needed change IMO
  • Great new camera features such as panorama (but that is more a iOS6 feature), taking still photos while recording.
  • New ear buds. Be good to see who these fit.  I like the standard headphones as I am always mis placing my bluetooth headset for calls and use the standard iPhone ones.
  • iOS6 has some nice new features – but I will get them on my 4S – although, not as fast due to the processor.



  • Nano sim – why? Why are SIM cards required in the 21st century.  There must be a better way of getting the number on the device.  Also, why another size?
  • Lightening connector – why? What is wrong with micro USB?  Reason for another Apple tax on accessories.
  • Siri – no UK info yet, despite all the adverts in the UK on the TV.
  • Higher price? Surely with the big win from Samsung they could subsidise the phone a bit
  • No NFC – come on, the world is moving and this is a requirement for the well connected people. Also, think of all the Apps.  I bet NFC will be in the 5S


Here is another question – is the iPhone over engineered? Just been watching the video here




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