Polycom Touch Control – Auto update


Last Updated on September 10, 2012 by GrahamWalsh

If you have the PTC enabled to automatically download and install latest software, it will auto update to the latest 1.5.0 version that was released on 3/30. You must also upgrade the HDX to the latest version of software – 3.0.4.

If the PTC and HDX are not on the same release of software, they will not pair.


  • HDX 3.0.5 – PTC 1.5.0
  • HDX 3.0.4 – PTC 1.4.0
  • HDX 3.0.2 – PTC 1.2.0
  • HDX 3.0.3 – PTC 1.3.0
  • HDX 3.0.1 – PTC 1.1.0
  • HDX 3.0 – PTC 1.0


  1. Upgrade HDX software to the compatible version.


  1. Downgrade PTC to the correct version of PTC compatible to version on HDX. PLEASE NOTE: If the downgrade fails, restore the PTC to factory default, and then proceed with the correct software version installation.
  2. Make the following setting change: Administration -> Updates -> Action for Available Software Updates -> Updates Status Only

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