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Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

Microsoft has released a new version of the MTR Software The version of this app is and is available from the Microsoft Store or via the app bundle that you can download here. You can then extract that and install it via PowerShell as per here.

So what is in v4.4.63.0? Well, there is no new functionality, but improvements on the Store update mechanism that was affecting some systems running Microsoft has also put together a new troubleshooting guide here. There is no longer the five steps there were with trying to recover a system. There is a new PowerShell script to run if your system is still failing. Remember to get into the desktop side of our MTR, you can press the Windows Key x 5 and you will be presented with the login screen.

The official release notes for are available here. There are only two changes detailed below, remember, no new features are in this release.

Introduced in this update:

  • Quality and reliability fixes
  • Fix for “application won’t launch after update to” issue

Not much else to add. I did build a new Crestron Flex MTR system and the base version was, set the delay in days to 365, ran the Windows Updates, rebooted, and then this update came down the following evening. Version is no longer coming from the store.

Any questions, let me know.

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