Deploying Pexip in Azure – Part Three – Preparing Pexip Management Node


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So in part one we prepared Pexip in Azure and in part two we prepared the virtual machines in Azure.  We are now ready to start setting up Pexip Infinity Management Node.

Preparing Pexip Infinity Management Node

Step One – SSH to the Management Node

First ensure you have a SSH client, I use putty.exe which can be downloaded directly here.  In the Azure Portal, navigate to the Management Node server and find the public IP address as seen below. You can now open a SSH session to this IP address. Select Yes to accept the certificate warning.


Once in the SSH session, you will be prompted for a login. The default in Pexip is admin. You will then be asked for the password you created earlier in a previous step. Once entered, the wizard will start and will ask you for the password again. If you want to accept the defaults, you can just press enter like I have done, otherwise enter a new IP Address etc.

Once all details are correct, DNS and Time Server are critical for Pexip to operate, so ensure DNS is working and you can reach a time server. It will check the time server and then reboot.



Step Two – Log into the Pexip Management Node

Now that the management node has rebooted, you can close putty and open up your web browser and browse to the IP Address of the management node. Just login with admin and the username you set during your SSH session. Personally I keep the passwords all in sync so you don’t forget your Pexip password for SSH or web.



So there we have the management node installed and working ready to deploy the conferencing node in the next step which can be found here.

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