Uploading OVF to VMware vCloud


Last Updated on January 31, 2016 by GrahamWalsh

I’ve decided it is time to test out the the VMware vCloud Air service.  However, their browser support for uploading files is broken due to browser functionality issues, so they direct you to a guide here.


After much messing around with the commands and it always failing it, after searching the web I found similar strings and it turns out the vapp name was missing.

VMWare Instructions

Uploading an OVF from local machine to vCloud Director

Navigate to your machine’s CLI. The command to upload an OVF is (use Table 1 listed below for description of the Parameters):
ovftool –sourceType=”OVF” “Source\xx.ovf” “vcloud://vCloud Air Login:Password@vCloud_Director_Hostname?vDC=Org_vDC&org=Organization_Name&vappTemplate=Name&catalog=Organization_Catalog_Name”

Actual Requirements

ovftool –sourceType=”OVF” “Source\xx.ovf” “vcloud://vCloud Air Login:Password@vCloud_Director_Hostname?vDC=Org_vDC&org=Organization_Name&vappTemplate=Name&vapp=Name&catalog=Organization_Catalog_Name”

So to upload a file (I had a OVA which needed converting) I ran this command first.

Converting OVA to OVF

ovftool C:\Users\name\Desktop\Shortcuts\VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance- C:\Users\name\Desktop\Shortcuts\ovf\VC.ovf

Once the file is converted, this is the command I ran to upload the Pexip Manager to the server.  The items in bold are your exact details and will differ to the below.

The right command

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ovftool –sourceType=”ovf” –vCloudTemplate=”false” “C:\Users\graha\Downloads\Pexip_Infinity_v11_VMware_pxMgr_26902.ovf” “vcloud://USERNAME:PASSWORD@uk-slough-1-6.vchs.vmware.com:443?vdc=VDC1&org=a6e60ee2-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-2c081bff71d5&vapp=pexip-manager&catalog=default-catalog
Opening OVF source: C:\Users\graha\Downloads\Pexip_Infinity_v11_VMware_pxMgr_26902.ovf
The manifest validates
Opening vCloud target: vcloud://username@uk-slough-1-6.vchs.vmware.com:443/
Info: End User License Agreement
The license for this software is available at
http://www.pexip.com/Infinity-License. Included in this
software package are a number of third party components whose
licenses are available at http://www.pexip.com/3rd-Party-Licenses.

Accept end-user license agreement?
Write ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (write ‘read’ to reread the EULA):
Deploying to vCloud vApp: vcloud://graham@pexip.com@uk-slough-1-6.vchs.vmware.com:443/
Transfer Completed

Once complete, you can head to your browser and see that the file is now processing.


Hopefully this blog post will save you an hour of your life.

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