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Last Updated on September 18, 2019 by GrahamWalsh

As you may have noticed from my LinkedIn or Twitter info, I have recently changed jobs. I am now at Crestron Electronics. It was certainly not an easy decision to make and the great team at Pexip did not make it any easier for me too.

So what made me move? Well, some background, when I started Pexip back in December 2015, personally I was just about to start going through a divorce, so actually looking back was it a good time to start a new job? Well, the answer is yes. At the time they did not know this, and with Pexip being quite new to the market still back then and a small organisation, like with everything I do, I gave it all I could and it kept me focused and they allowed me to do what I wanted. It gave me some great experiences traveling the world to Ireland, Scotland, UAE, South Africa, USA Netherlands and of course Norway. Plus it gave me the opportunity to work so closely with such a great R&D team too. Being that close to product development was a great experience that I won’t forget. Upon joining Pexip, I then realised how talented the development and pre-sales are, being a small team, everyone gives it their all to make things happen.

Fast forward nearly four years, my personal life is all settled and in a happy place now, things at Pexip are going great with certification for Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts Meet, I get a message. At first, I thought it was a business opportunity to partner up with Crestron and start promoting Cloud Video Interop with the Crestron range of Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) systems. It turned out putting business first was wrong in this case. After a short call and then putting the pieces of the jigsaw together, I could see what was happening. Crestron was looking to build their Microsoft team in EMEA and they wanted me to run this from a technical aspect and with Charlie James to run it commercially. Charlie and I worked together back at Polycom in 2010 when he first joined there to start the Microsoft alliance back then. As they say, getting the band back together.

After thinking about it for a while, I accepted the challenge and to do it all again. Obviously Pexip was not best pleased, so did what they could to make me stay, right up until a few weeks before I left. I honoured my three months noticed period and worked as normal. Not many people knew about my departure but the grapevine worked its magic but I kept my word and kept it quite. And the nice thing is we have a partnership moving forward too.

So I started Crestron on Monday 12th August and so far it is everything that I thought it would be. Working with a great team in the US and partnering with Charlie again is great and there is so much work to do with the new product range of Flex, customers are crying out for the product. The nice thing is that the Pexip CVI solution goes well with the MTR systems as it makes the whole package for customers.

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