Setting up a Crestron Flex System for Microsoft Teams


Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by GrahamWalsh

Here is a post on setting up the Crestron Flex System for Microsoft Teams. There are a few setup requirements to pair either the Mercury (tabletop speakerphone) or the TWS-1060 touch panel to the UC Engine.

For official documentation, you can find this all here on the Crestron site.

Crestron Flex Mercury Setup

If you powered up the Mercury and did not select the Teams Video mode, you would have booted it into Generic Mercury mode which means it will be showing a different screen and not the Teams interface. To switch the Mercury back into Teams mode, just follow these steps.

Step One

Press and hold the Help button for 10 seconds and you will get a screen showing the IP Address details that have been obtained from your DHCP Server.

Mercury Home Screen

Step Two

Once you have the IP Address, open a browser window and input the address and browse to web server of the Mercury

Mercury Web Browser Home Screen

Step Three

Now login to the webserver

Mercury Login Page

Step Four

Now once logged into the Mercury, browse on the left-hand menu to Device > Applications

Default Landing Page of Mercury
Current Application Mode of the Mercury

Now change the mode to Teams Video and click on Save Changes on the right-hand side. The system will now reboot into Teams Video mode.

Changing the Mode of the Mercury

Find the IP Address of the Crestron Flex UC Engine

So this step is just about getting the IP address what has been assigned to the UC Engine or you can assign a static address to the device.

Step One

Microsoft Teams Room Software Home Page

Step Two

Microsoft Teams Room Options

Step Three

Microsoft Teams Room Config Login

Step Four

Microsoft Teams Room Settings

Step Five

Microsoft Teams Room Windows Access

Step Six

Windows Sign-on Screen

Step Seven

Administrator Login Screen

Step Eight

Windows Network Settings

Step Nine

Windows Network Settings

Step Ten

Windows IP Address Details

Step Eleven – Sign Out

Signing out of Windows

Crestron Flex Touch Panel Config

Mercury or Touch Panel – attempting to connect

Step One – Config via Mercury or Touch Panel

Mercury or Touch Panel pairing mode

Step Two – Config via the Web Browser

Web Configuration of pairing the Mercury or Touch Panel

Step Three – Done

Microsoft Teams Room User Interface

I did a post recently on how to expand the use of say the Creston Flex MTR solutions which can be seen here.

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