Polycom RealPresence Desktop 3.0


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What’s new in 3.0?

  • Support for High Profile SVC/AVC usersare now able to customize the layout of the video Windows and Mac OS, during calls allowing them to focus on just the material or person they need to see at the time.
  • Usability improvements allow flexible and customized experience without loss of security.
  • Most users today are supplied with laptop computers that need to be ‘docked’ and ‘undocked’ as the user moves through their day. With version 3.0 users can move freely with the assurance that their video app will adapt to various microphone and speaker configurations automatically.
  • And when the individual would like to choose different sources to share in calls it’s as simple as a mouse-click from the on-screen interface.
  • Apple MAC OSX support ensures that all end users can use a consistent desktop video application

What about support?

  • One Year Premier Support is included on all purchases of Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows and Mac OS, per Polycom’s Support Policy.

How can customers migrate from Telpresence m100 to RPD 3.0?

  • Polycom is offering a migration path to encourage Telepresence m100 customers to move to RealPresence Desktop.
  • The migration SKU will allow a cost effective transition from Telepresence m100 to RealPresence Desktop while maintaining the current levels of support including the 1st year Premier Maintenance.
  • For the customer they will simply purchase the new license, download the app from Polycom’s support page and authorize with the new key.
  • If a current Telepresence m100 customer would like to move from Windows and Mac OS, OS to Apple Mac OS X that is permitted and follows the same process.
  • If the customer has access to the CMA or RealPresence Resource Manager server, there are no additional costs beyond the initial license on the management server itself.
  • The migration part number will be in the July price list and is available today to order


FEATUREM100CMA DesktopRealPresence Desktop
SVC SupportNoNoYes
RealPresence Access Director SupportNoNoYes
Select Content to Share & SmartPairingNoNoYes
User PresenceNoYesNo
Instant MessagingNoYesNo
New User Experience UINoNoYes
Apple Mac OSX SupportNoYesYes

See below for an example of the content sharing capability in RealPresence Desktop 3.0 for Mac

RealPresence Desktop 3.0 Content SharingPolycom HDX Ready to receive content









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